ADCC Monday Night Cycle Race Series | Race 1

17 Sep 2018 Abu Dhabi Local Community Al Hudayriat Island Share this:

ADCC Monday Night Cycle Race Series: Race 1 | Al Hudayriat Island

The 2018/2019 season will see the Monday Night Cycle Race Series presented by Abu Dhabi Cycling Club moves to Al Hudayriat Island with a six race program being offered between September and April 2019. 

The evening consists of three Aussie Pursuit Races (APR): Mixed Juniors, Ladies and Men.

What is APR Racing?

APR stands for Australian Pursuit Race and it is a handicapped road race. 

Why APR Racing in Abu Dhabi?

APR racing is a fun and inclusive style of racing that allows all ages and abilities to race together.  It can be seen as an introduction to road racing, but equally provides seasoned riders with a challenging race. 

The riders are set off in small groups, where the *theoretically slower or less experienced riders are getting a head start on the faster riders (*theoretical, as in there’s always a ‘ringer’ or two).  The groups at Hudayriat are given time gaps which are challenging, but as history shows, every rider in the field has the chance of winning.

The last group that leaves at the back of the field is called ‘The Scratch group’ and it aims to mop up the time deficit it has given away to all the other riders ahead, which often happens if the handicapping is done by somebody wanting to see a thrilling race. 

If the handicapping is effective, participants from all groups should finish around the same time. 

Participants may ONLY use a road bike. No time trial, mountain, fixed gear, track bikes or any additional handlebar.

Juniors: 5 km (1/2) & 10 km (1 lap)

Ladies & Men: 50 km (5 x 10 km laps)


5:30 pm: Registration opens

6:30 pm: Start Juniors

6:45 pm: Start Ladies

7:00 pm: Start Men

PLEASE NOTE: Only road bikes are allowed for this race.