Abu Dhabi Tour Challenge - Individual Time Trial

11 Feb 2018 Abu Dhabi Local Community Yas Marina Circuit Share this:
The only official individual time trial (ITT) of Abu Dhabi Tour. Ride against the clock with your road bike or a time trial bike for one lap of Yas Marina Circuit. The starting sequence is usually based the known performance. The rider with the fastest time is declared the winner.

Avid cyclists can tackle the first of two challenges posed by the Abu Dhabi Sports Council.The first asks fans of the sport to ride against the clock for a single lap of the Yas Marina Circuit. As the only official individual time trial (ITT) of the Abu Dhabi Tour, riders will be released in lines of three to five with a new set of riders behind them every 15 seconds. These riders must then ride as individuals with the option of completing up to three laps of the circuit - though only the fastest lap counts.
ITTs are considered "races of truth" since winning is dependent on each rider's strength and endurance, not on help provided by team-mates or riders ahead. Starting sequences are based on known performances of finishing times in previous editions with most proficient cyclists last to start.

In race there will be a 1km sprint crown to be won for the fastest rider on the sign posted 1k on the main straight.

Awards are given based on age groups and overall completion of the fastest lap.